Unnecessary Risk!

Do you know that there is a greater than 50% risk that your open and unopened blood glucose test strips and vials are contaminated?

Comparison of Contamination Rates in Canadian Long Term Care Homes of Glucose Test Strips from Opened and Unopened Bulk Packages

According to a 2014 study conducted by In Initiative Inc. to examine contamination rates in Canadian long term care homes, the findings yielded some interesting results including a 54.0% contamination rate in opened vials and a 60.0% contamination rate in unopened vials! The results were so overwhelming that a third component was added to the study – testing vials shipped direct from the pharmacy, which showed 0% contamination.

Other studies conducted throughout North America have found similar results. According to Stanford University’s Dr. Sharon Geaghan, “it is essential to ensure POC testing is done in a way that minimizes the risk of disease transmission. Several Hepatitis B and C outbreaks have been traced to POC glucose meters and related equipment”2 . Recently, the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services identified significant infection control breaches in several personal care homes. A large outbreak of Hepatitis B outbreak resulted in “tragic resident outcomes and dire consequences for the facility operator”1

How do you reduce your risk? Through enhanced infection control procedures and the utilization of individually packaged test strips.

For a copy of the study conducted by In Initiative Inc., visit the Diabetes Connect website www.diabetesconnect.ca or contact Chris Brockington at  chrisb@initiative3.com.(copy to be changed)

Results will be presented at the upcoming World Diabetes Congress in Vancouver this December.